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Training programmes for mentors do good – Article review by Petra Krasser


Frank Casborn, Paul Hennissen, Niels Brouwer, Fred Korthagen, and Theor Bergen (2008) Promoting versatility in mentor teachers’ use of supervisory skills. Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol. 24,  No. 3, 499-514.

Promoting versatility in mentor teachers’ use of supervisory skills was written in 2007 when the shift had already taken place in viewing mentor’s role as an encourager as opposed to the daily advisor and instructor role. The starting point of the article is that student teachers’ professional growth can be triggered by promoting reflection. The study intended to find out whether and how the effect of mentor training on supervisory skills used for promoting reflection in student teachers manifested in mentoring dialogues. Thirty mentors’ two dialogues were video recorded, within one month before and after a so called SMART training. Continue reading


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An experienced mentor in action (Budai Ciszterci Szent Imre Gimnázium)

In this video you will see an experienced Hungarian English teacher and mentor at work. The mentorial with her novice teacher was one of several regular post-lesson discussions she held at St. Imre Secondary School, Budapest, during the trainee’s teaching practice there in 2013. We have chosen this session because it represents to us an example of ‘best practice’ mentoring. Would you agree?