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Alleviating anxiety during feedback – Article review by Vera Tóth


Fiona Copland (2010) Causes of tension in post-observation feedback in pre-service teacher training: An alternative view . Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol. 23, No. 3., 466-472.

In her article Fiona Copland summarizes the findings of her research conducted in Britain with the participation of 4 trainers and 9 trainees about the reasons for trainees’ anxiety during post-lesson discussions.

She reports that many researchers attribute this anxiety to two conflicting roles of the trainer, which are the development role and the assessment role. They refer to the assymetric power relations inherent in feedback situations which often lead to trainee resistance, lack of clarity and trainer dominance. Copland acknowledges the suggestions that have been made to help prevent this tension, e.g. by a more transparent evaluative process, or assigning the two roles to two different trainers.

However, the point she would like to prove is that the tension student teachers experience during post –lesson discussion does not necessarily arise from the incompatibility of the development role and the assessement role, but from another cause, the difference in expectation among trainers and trainees about the purpose and performance of feedback. If the trainees do not understand or accept the rules they must play by, this causes their discomfort and resistance. Continue reading


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The psychological needs of student teachers – Article review by Ágnes Dunai


Frists Evelein, Fred Korthagen and Mieke Brekelmans (2008) Fulfilment of the basic psychological needs of student teachers during their first teaching experience. Teaching and Teacher Education, Vol. 24, No. 5, 1137-1148.

Three researchers, Frists Evelein, Fred Korthagen and Mieke Brekelmans  from Utrecht University, the Netherlands, studied a field in which little research had been done before, namely the ’Fulfilment of the basic psychological needs of student teachers during their first teaching experience’. The primary aim of the study is to see what the average level of need fulfilment is during the first teaching experience and how it changes during the teaching practice, and whether it has connection with the classes, lessons and teacher’s personality. Continue reading