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To what extent should we be allowing the mentee to experiment? – Article review by Éva Ágoston


Matthew Ronfeld and Pam Grossman, Becoming a professional: experimenting with possible selves in professional preparation.(Report): An article from: Teacher Education Quarterly 35.3 (Summer 2008): p.41.

Two American professors of education, Matthew Ronfeldt and Pam Grossman published an article about the importance of experimenting with possible selves in teacher education. The data in the article are drawn from a larger study of the teaching of practice in the preparation of clergy, teachers and clinical psychologists. They use the study to illustrate the role that professional education might play in supporting the development of the professional identity of novice teachers. The authors use the terms “possible selves” and “provisional selves” interchangeably for those selves novices would like to become or fear to become. Continue reading